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Bill Frisell With Dave Holland & Elvin Jones

SongArtistTimeLast PlayedPlay CountPlay Time
OutlawsBill Frisell07:5610/01/19, 03:45PM647:36
Twenty YearsBill Frisell03:1505/22/19, 03:58PM826:00
Coffaro's ThemeBill Frisell04:5212/07/18, 11:21AM419:28
Blues DreamBill Frisell04:4905/17/19, 04:22PM838:32
Moon RiverBill Frisell06:2610/22/19, 11:24AM101:04:20
Tell Your Ma, Tell Your PaBill Frisell09:0804/23/19, 02:45PM654:48
Strange MeetingBill Frisell05:2612/07/18, 12:10PM738:02
Convict 13Bill Frisell03:5602/21/18, 06:02PM415:44
AgainBill Frisell07:3405/14/19, 11:10AM752:58
Hard TimesBill Frisell03:4112/07/18, 01:36PM725:47
Justice And HonorBill Frisell04:4905/17/19, 03:59PM628:54
Smilin' JonesBill Frisell05:0205/17/19, 04:07PM630:12
12 Songs1 Artist1:06:54--79 Plays7:22:21

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