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Zoogz Rift

SongAlbumTimeLast PlayedPlay CountPlay Time
AlienationMurdering Hell's Happy Cretins03:4011/16/17, 12:20PM207:20
Beak (Roy Orbit's Son, Mo' Mo-Fo's, Main Theme)Water07:4307/03/18, 12:31PM107:43
Believe in YourselfDie, You Cretinous Bastards!01:46--000:00
Big FatSanitized for Your Protection04:37--000:00
Comprachico BoogieFive Billion Pinheads Can't Be Wrong04:4502/24/17, 01:53PM104:45
ContradictionsFive Billion Pinheads Can't Be Wrong10:3503/23/17, 09:30AM110:35
Day TrafficInterim Resurgence02:15--000:00
Delinquent PaymentsNonentity (Water III: Fan Black Dada)08:4110/07/19, 04:54PM217:22
Dense Rain, Black ForestVillagers06:0505/04/16, 04:13PM106:05
Dinkle DanceIdiots on the Miniature Golf Course04:3211/01/17, 04:28PM209:04
Diver Dan vs. the Worm GobblersWater01:0210/27/15, 04:14PM101:02
Ed McMahonWith No Apparent Reason02:3612/07/16, 09:39AM102:36
Eiffel TowerWith No Apparent Reason01:59--000:00
Eyes Of BodhidharmaAmputees In Limbo03:5005/03/18, 12:24PM103:50
FinFive Billion Pinheads Can't Be Wrong07:18--000:00
Flute ThingWith No Apparent Reason02:5411/16/17, 11:24AM205:48
Four CornersBohemian Buddha03:5608/16/16, 04:12PM103:56
Getting Laid at Grace ParkWater01:3201/25/19, 03:13PM101:32
Heart AttackMurdering Hell's Happy Cretins02:1201/03/17, 02:56PM102:12
Heart AttackAmputees In Limbo02:0912/29/15, 04:26PM102:09
Hi Mom I'm HomeTorment04:3610/07/19, 04:25PM104:36
I Can't Do This With You Looking at MeWater II: At Safe Distance04:06--000:00
I Work On The Retard FarmFive Billion Pinheads Can't Be Wrong04:33--000:00
I'll Rip Your Brains OutWater07:1110/30/18, 02:22PM214:22
In The Ultimate Scheme Of ThingsVillagers07:5508/27/18, 03:56PM431:40
Island of Living PukeIsland of Living Puke02:52--000:00
It's Getting Dark In HereSchool Of The Criminally Insane06:1101/31/17, 04:04PM212:22
Jerome, ArizonaWater01:5209/17/19, 04:17PM101:52
Kasaba KabezaDie, You Cretinous Bastards!10:2409/01/16, 04:19PM331:12
Lobotomy 3Idiots on the Miniature Golf Course00:28--000:00
M'BuguluWater II: At Safe Distance05:05--000:00
Medley: Peripheral Darkness/Boogie Woogie...Torment14:32--000:00
Moron SerenadeAmputees In Limbo04:0705/31/18, 03:50PM104:07
Murdering Hell's Happy CretinsMurdering Hell's Happy Cretins05:39--000:00
Mutatis MutandisInterim Resurgence06:4811/06/17, 02:24PM106:48
My Daddy Works For The Secret MarinesAmputees In Limbo02:5412/13/19, 03:51PM205:48
Night TrafficInterim Resurgence03:0610/27/15, 04:09PM103:06
Now I Will Dance For ButterballVillagers02:4910/21/16, 11:22AM102:49
Oh FuckIsland of Living Puke00:0912/10/19, 02:56PM300:27
Oh FuckIsland of Living Puke00:0909/06/19, 03:26PM400:36
Oh Those Secret Marines!Water03:2803/15/16, 11:15AM103:28
Ostriches Have Sex Too, You KnowIdiots on the Miniature Golf Course03:2303/06/18, 02:28PM206:46
Pre-moamo SyndromeInterim Resurgence01:2910/10/18, 04:39PM101:29
Puke Island ParadiseMurdering Hell's Happy Cretins03:00--000:00
Re-discover Downtown PatersonIsland of Living Puke03:26--000:00
Secret Marines .. The SequelAmputees In Limbo09:32--000:00
Shiver Me TimbersIsland of Living Puke05:1203/01/18, 04:24PM210:24
Somebody Ate RenfieldBorn In The Wrong Universe04:4703/07/19, 04:32PM209:34
Sweet SurrenderTorment06:55--000:00
The Great Apes Ate GrapesIdiots on the Miniature Golf Course02:3111/06/15, 04:39PM205:02
The Night They All Came OutIdiots on the Miniature Golf Course03:0504/23/19, 02:33PM103:05
This Town SucksTorment02:00--000:00
Time To ThinkVillagers03:1002/14/20, 03:54PM206:20
TormentTorment02:3303/07/19, 04:44PM205:06
Track 02Europe 199005:26--000:00
Track 03Europe 199002:0601/29/20, 03:59PM408:24
Track 04Europe 199002:21--000:00
Track 05Europe 199005:1812/18/19, 04:36PM105:18
Track 06Europe 199005:1607/01/16, 04:10PM210:32
Track 09Europe 199002:1711/16/17, 10:36AM102:17
Track 10Europe 199003:4611/02/17, 03:53PM103:46
Track 15Europe 199003:1802/06/20, 03:59PM206:36
Triumph Of The Won'tFive Billion Pinheads Can't Be Wrong04:5212/17/19, 04:45PM104:52
Unjust DessertsVillagers04:4812/29/16, 09:57AM104:48
VillagersVillagers03:5102/14/20, 10:03AM207:42
Waiting For ButterballVillagers03:56--000:00
With the Necessary Changes Having Been MadeInterim Resurgence04:23--000:00
Worm BuffetWith No Apparent Reason10:2512/27/17, 12:01PM220:50
You're Killing MeIsland of Living Puke02:0308/16/16, 04:19PM204:06
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