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Blood On The Fields

SongArtistTimeLast PlayedPlay CountPlay Time
Flyng HighWynton Marsalis02:0505/06/19, 11:40AM204:10
Look And SeeWynton Marsalis05:0705/06/19, 11:35AM105:07
Move OverWynton Marsalis10:0505/06/19, 11:30AM440:20
The Sun Is Gonna ShineWynton Marsalis02:2105/09/19, 03:40PM307:03
You Don't Hear No DrumsWynton Marsalis11:5205/22/19, 04:10PM111:52
The Market PlaceWynton Marsalis06:0205/06/19, 12:01PM212:04
Juba And A Brown SquawWynton Marsalis06:0705/06/19, 11:46AM106:07
Soul For SaleWynton Marsalis06:0801/20/16, 01:13PM106:08
Chant To Call The Indians OutWynton Marsalis03:5712/16/19, 04:06PM415:48
My Soul Fell DownWynton Marsalis02:1805/06/19, 11:51AM306:54
Freedom Is In The TryingWynton Marsalis02:4705/06/19, 11:38AM205:34
Due NorthWynton Marsalis05:35--000:00
12 Songs1 Artist1:04:24--24 Plays2:01:07

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