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Sapera: Snake Charmers of North India

SongArtistTimeLast PlayedPlay CountPlay Time
Theka TalinVarious Artists04:3305/16/18, 04:10PM731:51
Haryana Folk SongVarious Artists03:1711/25/19, 03:30PM722:59
Rajastahni Rasiya #1Various Artists03:2102/14/20, 11:48AM620:06
Medley: Gajal Theka/Jogi Lahra/Melody from the Film Nagin/Melody from TVarious Artists14:2111/25/19, 05:08PM457:24
Rajastahni SongVarious Artists03:0411/25/19, 03:33PM927:36
Melody from the Film PhagunVarious Artists04:0205/14/19, 11:57AM416:08
Damadam Mast KalandarVarious Artists03:2112/07/18, 01:03PM516:45
Rajastahni SongVarious Artists02:0111/25/19, 04:12PM510:05
Rajastahni Rasiya #2Various Artists03:1505/14/19, 11:02AM619:30
Lok Sangit LahraVarious Artists03:1109/04/18, 04:07PM619:06
10 Songs1 Artist44:26--59 Plays4:01:30

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