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KFJC Presents Combo Swell

SongArtistTimeLast PlayedPlay CountPlay Time
CurveMermen05:5702/06/20, 03:41PM105:57
Satsujin TaiyoThe Whys03:15--000:00
Pose Of AwarenessPollo Del Mar04:51--000:00
El Condor PasaTomorrowmen02:55--000:00
DreamsFrankie and the Pool Boys02:39--000:00
Mung TacoThe Berzerkers02:5612/20/19, 11:30AM102:56
Wray-ManBradipos IV02:2609/17/19, 03:41PM102:26
Meat SawSurfside IV02:45--000:00
Ichabob CraneThe Deadbeats02:00--000:00
Six Gun SurferMighty Surf Lords03:1905/01/17, 10:53AM103:19
DeliriumLos Venturas04:4107/12/18, 01:04PM104:41
Twang AMEl Ray02:3006/29/18, 03:33PM102:30
Eating, Drinking and KillingAloha Screwdriver02:16--000:00
UnsteadyTequila Worms03:29--000:00
Jet Set GuitarsThree Balls of Fire03:21--000:00
Return of the Surf GuitarMartin Cilia03:12--000:00
Space Park DriveThe Insect Surfers03:2203/26/19, 03:33PM310:06
BuddyTrivalve02:5102/05/20, 03:22PM205:42
Universal SpyThe Kilaueas03:21--000:00
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