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Rahsaan Roland Kirk

SongAlbumTimeLast PlayedPlay CountPlay Time
A MessageBil00:5711/01/18, 03:07PM201:54
Abstract ImprovisationBil01:5811/28/16, 01:30PM203:56
Berkshire BluesBil02:4612/27/17, 11:09AM411:04
Blues For C & TBil03:0608/16/16, 09:35AM103:06
DominoBil04:0512/05/17, 11:34AM104:05
Half A TripleBil04:53--000:00
I Didn't Know What Time It WasBil02:1803/21/18, 02:51PM204:36
I Loves You PorgyBil01:4902/14/20, 03:36PM101:49
J Griff's BluesBil07:3102/15/17, 03:36PM107:31
Jive ElephantBil02:55--000:00
Multihorn VariationsBil05:0110/23/19, 04:24PM105:01
Someone To Watch Over MeBil03:43--000:00
Sping Will Be a Little Late This YearBil04:06--000:00
Termini's CornerBil02:1906/30/16, 02:38PM204:38
Volunteered SlaveryBil05:42--000:00
We Free KingsBil04:4610/12/18, 04:09PM104:46
When The Sun Comes OutBil02:43--000:00
Will You Still Be MineBil08:4003/21/18, 03:09PM108:40
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