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Duke Ellington

SongAlbumTimeLast PlayedPlay CountPlay Time
Ad Lib on NipponThe Far East Suite [Special Mix]11:38--000:00
AgraThe Far East Suite [Special Mix]02:3605/22/19, 04:59PM205:12
AmadThe Far East Suite [Special Mix]04:2701/13/16, 03:19PM208:54
Amad [Alternate Take]The Far East Suite [Special Mix]04:1506/20/18, 05:07PM312:45
Blue Pepper (Far East of the Blues)The Far East Suite [Special Mix]03:02--000:00
Bluebird of Delhi (Mynah)The Far East Suite [Special Mix]03:1703/12/19, 03:45PM103:17
Bluebird of Delhi (Mynah) [Alternate Take]The Far East Suite [Special Mix]03:1010/21/16, 11:29AM309:30
BrasillianceUnknown05:0408/17/16, 02:32PM105:04
Chico CuadradinoUnknown05:04--000:00
DepkThe Far East Suite [Special Mix]02:4005/22/19, 04:45PM205:20
EqueUnknown03:3302/13/17, 03:17PM103:33
IsfahanThe Far East Suite [Special Mix]04:0703/14/18, 02:58PM104:07
Isfahan [Alternate Take]The Far East Suite [Special Mix]04:1306/26/18, 03:33PM104:13
Latin American SunshineUnknown06:56--000:00
Mount HarissaThe Far East Suite [Special Mix]07:4103/15/16, 11:26AM107:41
OclupacaUnknown04:2301/19/17, 03:44PM104:23
The Sleeping Lady And The Giant Who Watches Over HerUnknown07:28--000:00
TinaUnknown04:3806/11/18, 03:26PM104:38
Tourist Point of ViewThe Far East Suite [Special Mix]05:1005/22/19, 04:15PM105:10
Tourist Point of View [Alternate Take]The Far East Suite [Special Mix]05:0010/30/18, 01:18PM210:00
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