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The Columbia Years 1968-1969

SongArtistTimeLast PlayedPlay CountPlay Time
Hangin' OutBetty Davis04:5712/01/17, 03:33PM209:54
Politician ManBetty Davis05:46--000:00
Down Home GirlBetty Davis05:26--000:00
Born On The BayouBetty Davis03:2209/01/16, 03:16PM103:22
I'm Ready, Willing & Able (Take 1)Betty Davis01:0505/24/18, 01:57PM101:05
I'm Ready, Willing & Able (Take 9)Betty Davis03:23--000:00
It's My Life (Alternate Take)Betty Davis02:2202/05/20, 03:25PM204:44
Live, Love, LearnBetty Davis02:3705/16/18, 05:10PM205:14
My Soul Is TiredBetty Davis02:0711/02/17, 03:49PM102:07
9 Songs1 Artist31:05--9 Plays26:26

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