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Linton Kwesi Johnson

SongAlbumTimeLast PlayedPlay CountPlay Time
Di great insohreckshanIndependant Intavenshan- The Island Anthology 04:04--000:00
Dread beat an' bloodPoet and the roots03:0005/15/18, 09:39AM103:00
Fite Dem BackUnknown04:2803/15/16, 10:44AM104:28
Making HistoryUnknown04:26--000:00
Reggae Fi RadniReggae Greats04:2101/06/16, 10:44AM104:21
Reggae SoundsUnknown03:10--000:00
Sonny Lettah (anti sus poem)Reggae Greats03:52--000:00
Street 66Unknown03:4711/01/18, 03:17PM103:47
8 Songs4 Albums31:08--4 Plays15:36

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