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The Mermen

SongAlbumTimeLast PlayedPlay CountPlay Time
Abalone DazeKrill Slippin'03:0110/27/16, 11:09AM103:01
And The Flowers They'll BloomA Glorious Lethal Euphoria09:4912/05/17, 12:14PM109:49
Apo CalypsoIn God We Trust06:3103/23/18, 03:10PM319:33
Bare WhiteUnknown03:4901/10/18, 03:31PM103:49
Be My NoirUnknown07:38--000:00
Between I & ThouA Glorious Lethal Euphoria09:1701/10/18, 03:07PM109:17
Big Day At The BayKrill Slippin'02:5801/10/18, 02:57PM205:56
Blue XoamA Glorious Lethal Euphoria04:1007/12/18, 01:16PM104:10
Bondage Of The SeaUnknown05:1809/26/18, 03:50PM105:18
Brahms 3rd Movement 3rd SymphonyA Glorious Lethal Euphoria02:3901/10/18, 02:17PM205:18
Burn (Intro)Unknown03:01--000:00
By The Sea I Will Stay ForeverKrill Slippin'02:2707/31/19, 03:15PM102:27
Costo KnowoneIn God We Trust05:0703/12/18, 12:37PM210:14
Dancing In Her SleepUnknown08:07--000:00
Emmylou Rides Clarence West And Then SouthUnknown05:3005/22/18, 04:23PM211:00
Hammer HeadKrill Slippin'02:4607/31/18, 11:53AM205:32
Heart BeatitudeUnknown03:3807/05/18, 02:04PM310:54
Into The WestUnknown02:3101/10/18, 02:15PM102:31
Jesus In The SkyIn God We Trust06:5603/12/18, 09:57AM213:52
KaenaKrill Slippin'04:0401/10/18, 02:28PM208:08
Krill Slippin'Krill Slippin'02:5301/10/18, 03:17PM102:53
Last Forever (The Current Sea)In God We Trust05:2403/12/18, 09:50AM210:48
Little Stinky KittyUnknown03:5007/12/16, 03:15PM103:50
LizardsA Glorious Lethal Euphoria03:5701/10/18, 03:15PM103:57
MadagasgarUnknown04:3703/14/18, 02:51PM104:37
Merry Go RoundUnknown04:4001/10/18, 03:27PM104:40
Miki's Lush BeehiveUnknown04:3601/20/16, 01:05PM104:36
More Wood Less HeadIn God We Trust09:5103/12/18, 12:15PM439:24
My Black BagUnknown05:2110/04/16, 02:44PM105:21
Neptune's RevengeKrill Slippin'02:2710/30/18, 02:26PM409:48
Obsession For MenA Glorious Lethal Euphoria09:2301/10/18, 03:40PM218:46
Ocean BeachUnknown03:0701/10/18, 02:46PM206:14
One Hundred Foot LemonIn God We Trust13:2407/31/19, 04:45PM340:12
Over The FallsKrill Slippin'04:0301/10/18, 02:37PM104:03
Pull Of The MoonUnknown08:3101/10/18, 02:08PM108:31
Pulpin' LineA Glorious Lethal Euphoria03:5801/10/18, 03:11PM311:54
Quo Me Cunque Rapit Tempestas Deforor HospesA Glorious Lethal Euphoria05:1501/20/16, 01:23PM105:15
RaglanUnknown04:1404/30/19, 10:39AM312:42
Righteous PunishmentIn God We Trust08:4807/31/18, 12:23PM544:00
Run Don't WalkKrill Slippin'02:3602/15/17, 03:49PM102:36
SandKrill Slippin'02:5709/27/18, 01:14PM308:51
Scalp SaladA Glorious Lethal Euphoria03:5301/10/18, 04:03PM103:53
Soul Surfin'Krill Slippin'03:1801/10/18, 04:26PM103:18
Splashin' With The MermaidKrill Slippin'03:4103/15/18, 01:11PM414:44
Sponge CookieUnknown06:08--000:00
The DriftKrill Slippin'02:31--000:00
The DriftUnknown03:0404/30/19, 09:46AM309:12
The Drowning Man Knows His GodA Glorious Lethal Euphoria03:3302/01/16, 02:49PM207:06
The DrubA Glorious Lethal Euphoria03:2201/10/18, 04:16PM206:44
The GoodbyeKrill Slippin'03:15--000:00
The Intractable BoyA Glorious Lethal Euphoria04:2801/10/18, 03:49PM208:56
The Silly Elephant Who Stomped To TeaUnknown07:15--000:00
The WhalesKrill Slippin'04:5001/10/18, 03:22PM104:50
The Whales >2003-01-03 - Great American Music Hall18:5811/06/15, 10:05AM118:58
There Is A Door, It Opens, Then It Is ClosedIn God We Trust11:3603/12/18, 10:09AM223:12
To Be Naked And French Is Always HardUnknown04:4703/12/19, 03:27PM209:34
TrapezeIn God We Trust10:4303/12/18, 12:25PM221:26
Under The Kou TreeA Glorious Lethal Euphoria05:42--000:00
Unto The ResplendentUnknown05:4104/23/19, 02:13PM105:41
Walking The PeachUnknown04:2001/10/18, 03:44PM104:20
White Trash RagaUnknown05:2203/01/18, 04:56PM105:22
With No Definite Future & No Purpose Other Than To Prevail Somehow...A Glorious Lethal Euphoria04:2701/10/18, 02:33PM208:54
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