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Bob Marley & The Wailers

SongAlbumTimeLast PlayedPlay CountPlay Time
Am-A-DoUnknown03:0702/13/17, 07:22AM103:07
Bend Down LowUnknown02:41--000:00
Burnin' & Lootin'Unknown06:37--000:00
ExodusExodus07:3511/06/15, 06:43AM107:35
Get Up Stand UpUnknown04:44--000:00
GuiltinessExodus03:2003/01/18, 11:44AM206:40
I Shot The SheriffUnknown07:13--000:00
Kinky ReggaeUnknown05:0804/23/19, 12:39PM105:08
Natural MysticExodus03:27--000:00
One Love/People Get ReadyExodus02:51--000:00
Rastaman ChantUnknown06:23--000:00
Slave DriverUnknown03:47--000:00
So Much Things to SayExodus03:0811/06/15, 06:46AM103:08
Talkin' BluesUnknown04:3709/27/18, 10:04AM104:37
The HeathenExodus02:3203/01/18, 01:10PM102:32
Three Little BirdsExodus03:0011/21/16, 11:23AM103:00
Waiting in VainExodus04:16--000:00
Walk The Proud LandUnknown03:3108/16/17, 12:48PM103:31
You Can't Blame The YouthUnknown04:0711/06/15, 07:40AM104:07
20 Songs2 Albums1:25:35--11 Plays43:25

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