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KFJC Live from the Devil's Triangle Vol. 11

SongArtistTimeLast PlayedPlay CountPlay Time
Carrion CrowEarth12:3210/27/16, 10:41AM225:04
Lady GaborThe Nels Cline Singers with Jeff Parker12:2902/05/20, 02:36PM337:27
Gates Of HellDestruktor08:1203/12/19, 03:09PM108:12
Mist from the Random MoreGog08:5805/22/18, 04:55PM108:58
For Captain / Ballad of the Hot Ghost MamaLa Otracina08:4010/10/18, 03:57PM108:40
Carnuba Wax: Son of GarStay Fucked02:3005/09/17, 03:27PM102:30
Blinded SevenThe Hop-Frog Kollectiv07:33--000:00
Wary From The BranchesHexbreaker07:4703/14/18, 03:42PM107:47
Escape VelocityMudboy09:3209/26/18, 11:17AM219:04
9 Songs9 Artists1:18:13--12 Plays1:57:42

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