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KFJC 89.7 FM Live From The Devil's Triangle Volume 4

SongArtistTimeLast PlayedPlay CountPlay Time
2:25Touched By A Janitor02:2805/09/19, 03:37PM307:24
DedofikitionCircle08:0604/22/16, 01:59PM108:06
Low BeamsContinental12:3904/19/16, 02:52PM112:39
Rapana's StoryMagic Carpathians04:3604/22/16, 01:42PM104:36
For Those That Never DreamNOBODY03:0610/19/18, 09:37AM206:12
SnowcatKinski06:4704/27/16, 02:54PM106:47
Comets 2Comets On Fire03:4403/21/18, 04:26PM207:28
Dear SomeoneGillian Welch03:1305/09/19, 04:17PM206:26
RACGianni Gebbia11:0501/27/20, 11:47AM222:10
UntitledKoonda Holaa + The Beetchees03:0704/27/16, 02:47PM103:07
CrackopensteinBlectum From Blechdom03:5702/14/20, 04:34PM311:51
Two FingersYeti09:1004/20/17, 03:32PM218:20
Fonk SambaGrind Orchestra04:5204/19/16, 03:44PM104:52
Informal DialecticLowDown02:5305/01/17, 11:47AM205:46
Hot Knives And HornetsThe Phantom Limbs03:2510/11/19, 04:01PM206:50
The Last Train Out Of TexasThe Hatemail Express01:3304/19/16, 02:33PM101:33
Pink ElephantsCapsule Queen03:5704/19/16, 02:37PM103:57
Trouble AheadBodies In The Basement02:3304/22/16, 01:48PM102:33
Clocked Out DuoEvery Night The Same Dream09:5812/05/17, 02:56PM219:56
Orange DubSub Oslo16:4104/19/16, 03:39PM116:41
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