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SongArtistTimeLast PlayedPlay CountPlay Time
Lucky Ball & ChainThey Might Be Giants02:4907/12/18, 12:51PM102:49
DeadThey Might Be Giants02:5912/10/19, 02:04PM308:57
Someone Keeps Moving My ChairThey Might Be Giants02:2510/01/19, 03:29PM307:15
We Want a RockThey Might Be Giants02:48--000:00
LetterboxThey Might Be Giants01:2508/16/17, 03:08PM101:25
Hot ChaThey Might Be Giants01:3709/17/19, 04:12PM304:51
Women & MenThey Might Be Giants01:4709/30/15, 01:55PM101:47
Sapphire Bullets Of Pure LoveThey Might Be Giants01:36--000:00
They Might Be GiantsThey Might Be Giants02:4505/31/18, 04:09PM205:30
Road Movie to BerlinThey Might Be Giants02:2204/23/19, 01:41PM204:44
10 Songs1 Artist22:33--16 Plays37:18

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