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The Beatles

SongAlbumTimeLast PlayedPlay CountPlay Time
All You Need Is Love103:4806/30/16, 11:42AM103:48
BecauseAbbey Road02:4611/06/15, 01:02PM102:46
BlackbirdUnknown02:1805/09/17, 11:11AM102:18
Carry That WeightAbbey Road01:3703/06/18, 11:51AM101:37
Come TogetherAbbey Road04:2111/01/18, 11:49AM104:21
Cry Baby CryUnknown03:1107/05/18, 07:52AM103:11
Day Tripper102:4810/21/15, 10:50AM102:48
Dear PrudenceUnknown03:50--000:00
Eleanor Rigby102:0707/31/18, 08:25AM204:14
Everybody's Got Something To Hide Except For Me And My MonkeyUnknown02:2510/31/18, 12:08PM102:25
Get Back103:12--000:00
Glass OnionUnknown02:18--000:00
Golden SlumbersAbbey Road01:3201/07/16, 12:27PM101:32
Help!102:1903/21/17, 12:15PM102:19
Helter SkelterUnknown04:30--000:00
Her MajestyAbbey Road00:23--000:00
Here Comes The SunAbbey Road03:06--000:00
Hey Jude107:05--000:00
I Feel Fine102:18--000:00
I Want You (She's So Heavy)Abbey Road07:4711/20/17, 07:42AM107:47
I'm So TiredUnknown02:0303/23/17, 07:56AM204:06
Lady Madonna102:17--000:00
Maxwell's Silver HammerAbbey Road03:2703/15/16, 07:47AM103:27
Mean Mr. MustardAbbey Road01:06--000:00
Mother Nature's SonThe Beatles (White Album) 02:48--000:00
Octopus's GardenAbbey Road02:5105/16/17, 11:53AM205:42
Oh! DarlingAbbey Road03:27--000:00
Paperback Writer102:1811/07/17, 10:49AM204:36
Polythene PamAbbey Road01:1304/20/17, 01:50PM101:13
Revolution 1Unknown04:1610/31/18, 12:21PM104:16
Revolution 9The Beatles (White Album) 08:13--000:00
Savoy TruffleUnknown02:55--000:00
She Came In Through The Bathroom WindowAbbey Road01:5801/31/17, 11:58AM101:58
She Loves You102:21--000:00
SomethingAbbey Road03:0303/26/19, 12:25PM206:06
Sun KingAbbey Road02:26--000:00
The Ballad Of John And Yoko103:00--000:00
The EndAbbey Road02:2003/01/18, 12:34PM102:20
Ticket To Ride103:11--000:00
We Can Work It Out102:1502/01/16, 11:25AM204:30
While My Guitar Gently WeepsUnknown04:45--000:00
Wild Honey PieUnknown01:01--000:00
Yellow Submarine102:38--000:00
Yer BluesThe Beatles (White Album) 04:0103/01/18, 11:48AM208:02
You Never Give Me Your MoneyAbbey Road04:0212/07/16, 06:57AM104:02
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