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John Zorn

SongAlbumTimeLast PlayedPlay CountPlay Time
AnnabelFilmworks XXIV - The Nobel Prizewinner03:3102/05/20, 03:04PM207:02
DenouementFilmworks XXIV - The Nobel Prizewinner03:2511/06/15, 11:11AM103:25
Door To DoorFilmworks XXIV - The Nobel Prizewinner05:0506/11/18, 04:05PM105:05
Fyodor And AnnabelFilmworks XXIV - The Nobel Prizewinner05:1004/23/19, 03:58PM210:20
Ghost Of A Guilty ConscienceFilmworks XXIV - The Nobel Prizewinner04:4109/01/16, 04:02PM104:41
Joachim WestFilmworks XXIV - The Nobel Prizewinner05:0212/01/17, 03:43PM105:02
Moral And Immoral (Take 1)Filmworks XXIV - The Nobel Prizewinner03:0810/14/19, 02:46PM206:16
Moral And Immoral (Take 2)Filmworks XXIV - The Nobel Prizewinner03:0710/30/18, 02:08PM206:14
Our In-House DostoevskyFilmworks XXIV - The Nobel Prizewinner04:38--000:00
PlagiarismFilmworks XXIV - The Nobel Prizewinner02:53--000:00
Suicidal TendancyFilmworks XXIV - The Nobel Prizewinner01:5712/07/16, 10:15AM101:57
The Depraved CityFilmworks XXIV - The Nobel Prizewinner05:1005/23/17, 10:17AM105:10
The Nobel Prize WinnerFilmworks XXIV - The Nobel Prizewinner04:15--000:00
The SearchFilmworks XXIV - The Nobel Prizewinner01:5608/17/16, 03:00PM203:52
Writer's Block (Ilse's Theme)Filmworks XXIV - The Nobel Prizewinner04:17--000:00
15 Songs1 Album58:15--16 Plays59:04

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