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Frank Zappa

SongAlbumTimeLast PlayedPlay CountPlay Time
Beat It With Your FistUnknown01:41--000:00
Canard Du JourUnknown10:1112/21/15, 01:33PM110:11
CanarsieUnknown06:0602/28/18, 11:16AM106:06
Deathless HorsieUnknown06:1903/22/17, 06:58AM106:19
Five-Five-FiveUnknown02:3602/15/17, 12:55PM102:36
Gee, I Like Your PantsUnknown02:3206/20/18, 01:56PM307:36
Heavy Duty JudyUnknown04:3910/31/18, 01:05PM209:18
Hog HeavenUnknown02:4703/22/17, 07:10AM308:21
It Must Be A CamelUnknown05:1703/22/17, 07:56AM105:17
Little-UmbrellasUnknown03:0410/30/18, 10:47AM309:12
Peaches En RegaliaUnknown03:3703/22/17, 08:08AM103:37
Pink NapkinsUnknown04:41--000:00
Pinnocchio's FurnitureUnknown02:0503/22/17, 07:48AM204:10
Return Of The Son Of Shut Up 'n' Play Yer GuitarUnknown08:4603/15/16, 12:10PM108:46
Ship AhoyUnknown05:2605/24/18, 11:51AM210:52
Shut Up 'n Play Yer GuitarUnknown05:3608/07/18, 06:52AM316:48
Shut Up 'n' Play Yer Guitar Some MoreUnknown06:5204/30/19, 07:56AM427:28
Son Of Mr. Green GenesUnknown09:0003/30/17, 12:48PM218:00
Soup 'n Old ClothesUnknown08:0306/08/18, 12:02PM108:03
Stucco HomesUnknown08:5707/31/18, 09:32AM217:54
Treacherous CretinsUnknown05:3003/07/19, 01:38PM316:30
Variations On The Carlos Santana Secret Chord ProgressionUnknown03:5709/27/18, 09:35AM311:51
While You Were OutUnknown06:1012/04/17, 07:00AM318:30
Why Johnny Can't ReadUnknown04:4011/13/17, 12:15PM314:00
Willie The PimpUnknown09:1503/01/18, 12:32PM218:30
25 Songs1 Album2:17:47--48 Plays4:19:55

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