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Williams, Jessica: Live at Yoshi's, Vol. 1

SongArtistTimeLast PlayedPlay CountPlay Time
Confessin' (That I Love You)Jessica Williams07:1801/22/16, 09:47AM107:18
Say It (Over And Over Again)Jessica Williams06:2001/25/19, 03:43PM212:40
You Say You CareJessica Williams07:02--000:00
Tutu's PromiseJessica Williams09:2606/20/18, 05:23PM328:18
HeatherJessica Williams06:3012/13/17, 09:30AM319:30
Flying Colors: Alone TogetherJessica Williams11:2505/27/16, 03:29PM222:50
Poem in G MinorJessica Williams08:3409/06/19, 02:58PM325:42
I Want to Talk About YouJessica Williams06:12--000:00
MysteriosoJessica Williams08:06--000:00
9 Songs1 Artist1:10:53--14 Plays1:56:18

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