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Wes Montgomery

SongAlbumTimeLast PlayedPlay CountPlay Time
Besame MuchoBoss Guitar [Bonus Tracks]06:32--000:00
Blue 'n' BoogieFull House [Keepnews Collection]09:3903/15/17, 09:35AM328:57
Born To Be BlueFull House [Keepnews Collection]07:3611/16/17, 03:32PM107:36
Born To Be BlueFull House [Keepnews Collection]07:2710/19/18, 09:57AM322:21
Canadian SunsetBoss Guitar [Bonus Tracks]05:08--000:00
CaribaFull House [Keepnews Collection]08:28--000:00
CaribaFull House [Keepnews Collection]09:4103/06/17, 10:30AM109:41
Come Rain Or Come ShineFull House [Keepnews Collection]07:22--000:00
Come Rain Or Come ShineFull House [Keepnews Collection]06:5803/08/17, 03:50PM106:58
Days Of Wine And RosesBoss Guitar [Bonus Tracks]03:4911/16/17, 04:08PM207:38
Dearly BelovedBoss Guitar [Bonus Tracks]04:5203/06/17, 10:35AM209:44
For Heaven's SakeBoss Guitar [Bonus Tracks]04:41--000:00
Fried PiesBoss Guitar [Bonus Tracks]06:4703/08/17, 04:27PM106:47
Full HouseFull House [Keepnews Collection]09:1604/20/17, 03:57PM546:20
I've Grown Accustomed To Her FaceFull House [Keepnews Collection]03:2910/30/15, 02:04PM103:29
S.O.SFull House [Keepnews Collection]04:5012/05/17, 11:23AM209:40
S.O.SFull House [Keepnews Collection]05:0409/13/17, 04:46PM315:12
The Breeze And IBoss Guitar [Bonus Tracks]04:1112/04/17, 10:18AM208:22
The Trick BagBoss Guitar [Bonus Tracks]04:2705/24/18, 02:01PM208:54
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