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KFJC 2003 Surf Compilation: Double Overhead

SongArtistTimeLast PlayedPlay CountPlay Time
Francisco’s DanceKing Of Hawaii02:1203/01/18, 03:10PM204:24
Solaris StompSpace Cossacks03:1003/26/19, 02:22PM412:40
CarmelaThe Hypnotic IV03:4411/04/19, 10:00AM103:44
Plight of the MatadorKing Of Hawaii04:1211/04/19, 09:33AM104:12
Black SeaThe Insect Surfers04:1512/10/19, 03:38PM312:45
Lilly of BombayKing Of Hawaii02:5910/14/19, 03:03PM205:58
At the Rabbi’s TableMeshugga Beach Party02:5612/13/19, 04:08PM308:48
MohairKing Of Hawaii02:0507/31/19, 03:35PM306:15
Beach BoundThe Mach IV02:0712/09/19, 03:58PM204:14
Remidios VaroKing Of Hawaii02:5001/25/19, 03:36PM411:20
Disfretas Caliente OfrioKing Of Hawaii02:39--000:00
The Green FlashThe Concaves06:47--000:00
Indian NationGeorge Tomsco and 3 Balls of Fire02:4601/20/16, 01:33PM102:46
Villa VeeKing Of Hawaii02:33--000:00
HopscotchKing Of Hawaii03:01--000:00
The SavageThe Manatees02:2607/12/16, 02:59PM102:26
Malibu RunThe Halibuts02:26--000:00
Road TripKing Of Hawaii02:2112/09/19, 03:20PM102:21
Border PatrolThe Duo-Tones04:2206/11/18, 04:29PM104:22
Moon SaunaKing Of Hawaii02:5609/24/19, 03:15PM308:48
Jamaica FarewellThe Detonators02:4207/31/19, 02:21PM102:42
Paris GreenKing Of Hawaii05:0906/06/18, 10:23AM315:27
OctopunchOrestes Prezza02:3002/08/17, 10:28AM102:30
Tweed HeadsKing Of Hawaii03:0112/16/19, 04:40PM206:02
Epicurian WayKing Of Hawaii03:38--000:00
Old Cape CodThe Nebulas02:20--000:00
King’s MedleyKing Of Hawaii05:05--000:00
Route 666Pollo Del Mar03:5002/05/20, 04:12PM207:40
J-BayThe Surf Kings02:5204/20/17, 04:58PM102:52
Go-Go GirlThe Pyronauts03:2911/04/19, 10:16AM206:58
DurangoThe Infrareds01:54--000:00
RockawayThe Lava Rats06:1910/12/18, 02:33PM318:57
Sea of Tranquility3 Balls Of Fire04:4911/02/17, 04:00PM104:49
Surf PitChum04:12--000:00
Double OverheadBrazil 200103:4402/24/16, 03:53PM103:44
35 Songs22 Artists1:58:21--49 Plays2:46:44

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