How Slugs Copulate

[Take a wild guess] Pictured are two Great Slugs (Limax maximus) in the throes of passion. Michael Martin, John May, and Rosemary Taylor describe their act as follows in "Weird & Wonderful Wildlife":

"After crawling up an overhanging branch or wall, these hermaphroditic creatures circle each other for 30-90 minutes while exchanging mutaul caresses with their tentacles and secreting a great quantity of mucus which eventually forms into a twisted patch of glue-like consistency some two inches in diameter. The slugs then entwine themselves corkscrew fashion, detach themselves from their base and hang by a twisted cord of the thickened mucus 8-15 inches long. Still twisting in their embrace, they extrude from their heads their blue, club-shaped penis sacs which then extend into a fan shape at the tips. The two "penial masses" are then intertwined in a tight spiral, the upper coils expanding to form a kind of umbrella. When this is achieved, sperm transfer takes place and the slugs untwist themselves, crawl back up the mucus cord (which one of them eats), slide down the tree or wall and return to their everyday life in such damp environments as the undersides of fallen logs."

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